50 First Interviews: Part 2

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Yes! You scored that nanny interview for a cute little family down the street. Now what? Technically, you’ll be in the hot seat getting interviewed yourself, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready to ask your own questions. When it comes to being a nanny, it’s all about the proper family fit. If you don’t align with your family, it doesn’t work well for anyone involved.

In this blog, we’ll help you understand what the process is like for the families interviewing you, what you should get out of the process as the nanny, and what questions you should consider to ensure you mesh properly. Let’s get started.

Getting Hired

Just like any job, a lot of nannies feel nervous because they just aren’t sure what to expect from the interview process. While not all families will approach it the same way, here is what you can generally expect.

Step 1: You’ll be prescreened in a pool of applicants. Some families choose to do this process on their own, or they’ll hire an agency like The Bundled Baby to help with the vetting phase to narrow down their ideal candidates.

Step 2: If you make it through the prescreening process, you may speak to potential nanny families (mom/dad/primary caregiver) over the phone. Not every family likes to make this step an extensive part of the process.

Step 3: This step is an in-person interview, and it’s the time that you’ll have the most opportunity to answer questions.

Questions to Prepare For

A lot of nannies worry about what they’ll be asked during their interviews. What should they prepare for? Fortunately, we’ve written an entire 50 First Interviews: Part 1 [LINK] for this blog that can help shed light on what nanny families may consider asking you!

Questions to Ask a Nanny Family

As noted above, you shouldn’t take a job with a family as their nanny unless you know that they align well with your style, objectives, schedule, and so much more. The following questions can help you to discern if you’re a good fit for each other.

• Tell me a little about your family
• How would you describe your child’s (or children’s) temperament and
• Do your children have any allergies or health concerns? Do they
otherwise require specialized care?
• What are the hours? Are you willing to guarantee a nanny’s hours
every week?
• What are the daily duties of this position?
• What does your kids’ typical day look like? Do you like to keep them
on a schedule?
• Do you work from home? What percentage of the time?
• What is your work schedule, and how often does that change?
• How far in advance do you know about schedule changes, and when
do you need to know about mine?
• Do you have pets? Where do they spend the day? Is their care part of
my position?
• How do you discipline?
• Are there any issues that you’d like to address regarding sleep,
behavior, food, etc.?
• Have you previously left your child with a caregiver? For example,
gym daycare, church nursery, family member, nanny, etc.
• Have you had a nanny previously? How long were they with you, and
why did they leave?
• How long do you plan to employ a nanny?
• Do you have a backup plan if your nanny gets sick? If so, who will
take care of the child in that situation?
• How do you run payroll?
• What job benefits are you offering?
• Do you have a nanny car? Is your nanny expected to have a car and
drive their own car? Do you reimburse for gas mileage?
• Do you anticipate any changes to the position in the first year? For
example, relocation, new baby, different hours, etc.

Numerous other questions can be added to this list as well. An entire category that has been added in the last two years included questions regarding COVID-19 safety and risk. For example, many nannies have had to ask families about high-risk exposure jobs, the protocol for exposure, wearing masks, regular testing, vaccination, and changes in the schedule if school becomes virtual. It’s in your interest to ask these questions before taking a job to ensure you and your family are aligned in the case of an emergency.

Final Thoughts

Get out there and get hired! The Bundled Baby is Austin’s top nanny recruitment agency. We’re here to connect families with nurturing, empathetic, and responsive caregivers. Don’t settle for less than your ideal match.

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