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The tales of sleep deprivation precede parenthood by years. Before you’re even pregnant, you’ll have friends and family members with kids reminding you just how little sleep you’re about to get. Fortunately, there are some ways to improve baby’s sleep and your own by the transitive property.

In the early months before sleeping training is an option, you may consider hiring a newborn care specialist or night nanny to assist you through those first few months of sleeplessness. If this option is intriguing to you, here’s what you should know.

What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A newborn care specialist — also known as a night nanny — is a professional that can help parents to get the rest and sleep they need post-delivery. Newborns can be up multiple times per night, and many parents are not prepared for this sleep deprivation, especially if you’re working with limited maternity or paternity leave time.

Here are some of the responsibilities a newborn care specialist takes on:

• Feeding and bathing the baby
• Sterilizing, cleaning, and preparing bottles
• Initiating a schedule for sleeping, meals, nap, and playtime
• Laundering baby clothing and linens
• Keeping the nursery tidy
• Changing linens
• Maintaining all supplies
• Restocking baby care items
• Emptying diaper containers
• Keeping the baby playroom and bathroom tidy
• Maintaining a daily journal of baby’s schedules and moods
• Ensuring toys are safe and in good working order
• Running baby-related errands as directed
• Transporting baby to activities and appointments
• Singing, reading, and stimulating activities for the baby
• Lactation support

How Do You Find a Newborn Care Specialist?

Just like any professional who works with your family and your baby, you want to make sure it’s the right individual. When you decide that this is the right option, start researching immediately! As this is a small community, don’t procrastinate because the best night nannies get hired first. Here are a few ways you can locate a top-notch newborn care specialist.

• Talk to friends and family members who recently had babies and may
have used this service
∘ Ask a local moms’ group on social media for recommendations
• Aim to get around 10-15 names so you contact and check availability
• Request recommendations from your OBGYN, midwife, or pediatrician
• Be selective
∘ Hire someone seasoned and professionally trained
∘ Remember this isn’t a babysitting role — sleep comes with
developmental milestones and your newborn care specialist should be
able to recognize those
• Verify that they’re currently certified in CPR and First Aid
• Schedule multiple virtual and face-to-face meetings with them
∘ During this time, they should also have questions for you just like you
have questions for them

When Does a Newborn Care Specialist Work?

When working with a family, newborn care specialists typically work full-time. The schedule that you construct is entirely up to the needs of your family. Here are a few examples of schedules that may work for you.

• 9-12 hour shifts daily (either morning or evenings)
• 24-hour shifts 5-7 days per week

How Much Does a Newborn Care Specialist Cost?

Depending on your state or the expertise of the caregiver, a newborn care specialist is paid an average rate of $20 to $65 an hour. The rate can also increase with the number of babies the specialist is caring for because they are often employed by families with multiples.

Final Thoughts

Don’t go through the first few months sleepless if you don’t have to! While a newborn care specialist may initially sound like a luxury, it is often a necessity for parents who don’t live near extended family members and need assistance. Ask for the help everyone needs during those first few chaotic months of new parenthood!

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